Transparency Disclosures Regarding Sharp HealthCare ACO

ACO Name and Location
Sharp HealthCare ACO
8695 Spectrum Center Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92123

ACO Primary Contact
Alison J. Fleury
Chief Executive Officer 

Composition of ACO
Sharp HealthCare ACO, LLC ("Sharp ACO"), is a collaboration between Sharp HealthCare, a non-profit integrated regional health care delivery system based in San Diego, Calif., and its two affiliated medical groups, Sharp Community Medical Group, San Diego's largest Independent Practice Association, and Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group, San Diego's first multispecialty medical group. Each member of Sharp ACO is an equal, one-third owner in the limited liability company ("LLC").

Aggregate Amount of Shared Savings/Losses
Performance Year 1 (2012): $0
Performance Year 2 (2013): To be determined
Performance Year 3 (2014): To be determined

How Shared Savings Are Distributed
If Shared Savings are earned, 40 percent of such savings is distributed as incentive payments as follows: 10 percent to each member in Sharp ACO and 5 percent to each of the two organizations that provide management services on behalf of the members of Sharp ACO. The remaining 60 percent of any shared savings is used to pay expenses of Sharp ACO. Any remaining funds after the payment of expenses are distributed to the members on the basis of their attributed beneficiaries.

With respect to shared losses and any expenses of Sharp ACO that are not funded by shared savings, the funds are contributed by the members of Sharp ACO on the basis of their attributed beneficiaries.

Why Care Assessment Fees Are Paid
Sharp ACO pays a fee to Sharp Community Medical Group primary care physicians who complete a thorough care plan assessment for identified high-risk beneficiaries under their care. The completed care plans are used to manage and coordinate care for these beneficiaries. Care teams work with primary care physicians to design care plans and coordinate care based on the specific needs of the patients. These patients are enrolled into Sharp ACO's complex case management and chronic care management programs. These programs are offered by Sharp ACO at no cost to the beneficiary.