Patient-Centered Care at Sharp

Planetree Designated
Sharp HealthCare is committed to providing care that anticipates needs and goes beyond expectations. That means putting patients and their families at the center of everything we do. Care is tailored to the needs of the individual, in an environment that is supportive and respectful of personal preferences.

Three of Sharp's acute-care hospitals have been designated as Patient-Centered Hospitals by the international patient advocacy group Planetree, Inc. The coveted designation signifies a hospital's excellence in providing treatment that extends well beyond caring for a patient’s ailments and aiming to heal the person as whole.

Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center
Most recently, in 2014, Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center became a Designated Planetree Patient-Centered Care Hospital, alongside its on-site Birch Patrick Convalescent Center as the first co-located entities in the United States to receive the prestigious patient-centered care recognition. 

Additional features of Sharp Chula Vista's patient-centered care are:

  • The Douglas & Nancy Barnhart Cancer Center, which offers the most advanced technology, a unique healing environment and an extraordinary level of care
  • Birch Patrick Convalescent Center provides 24-hour licensed nursing care, recreational activities, physical and occupational therapy, social services spiritual support and more
  • Social and spiritual care services

Sharp Coronado Hospital
In 2010, Sharp Coronado Hospital was the first hospital in California, and one of the first five hospitals nationwide, to be recognized as a Designated Planetree Patient-Centered Care Hospital. In 2012, the Planetree organization announced that Sharp Coronado had achieved its highest honor — Designation with Distinction.

As part of The Sharp Coronado Experience, we offer the following services, in addition to providing clinical excellence:

  • Complementary Therapies
    Healing takes human touch. That's why we offer complementary therapies free of charge to inpatients at their bedside, and to outpatients, community members and team members for a nominal fee. Our award-winning complementary therapies include massage therapy, Healing Touch, clinical aromatherapy and acupuncture.
  • Music and Arts
    Beautiful sights and sounds can engage the soul. The hospital lobby's player piano greets visitors with popular jazz ballads or soothing classical music, and harpists and violinists frequently roam the halls and play for patients.
  • Pet Therapy
    Pets have a unique way of reaching people by offering unconditional love and acceptance. Our pet therapy dog visits patients and provides lots of love and laughter.
  • Volunteer Baking
    The only thing better than a warm smile is a warm cookie. Volunteers bake cookies daily in our patient care areas, contributing to a nurturing environment.

Sharp Memorial Hospital
In 2012, Sharp Memorial was designated a Patient-Centered Care Hospital. In 2014, Sharp Memorial achieved Planetree Designation with Distinction. Sharp Memorial Hospital is designed to bring the outside world in through large sunlit windows located throughout the building. Soft, warm colors and artwork based on nature provide a comfortable, healing environment for patients and guests. The Jade Garden, located off the lobby, is a perfect area for meditation, relaxation and reflection.

Family and friends are a big part of the healing process — which is why all patient floors feature a living-room style Family Lounge where patients and guests can gather to enjoy amenities such as flat-screen televisions, beverages and other nourishment and computers with Internet access that come equipped with health education information.

Additional features of Sharp Memorial’s patient-centered care include:

  • Arts for Healing Program 
    This program is designed to improve the emotional and spiritual health of patients by using life-enhancing activities (such as art projects, music therapy and more) in a healing and compassionate environment, which comforts patients and often encourages a faster recovery. A team of trained volunteers works with patients and their loved ones to create a balance between physical and emotional healing.
  • Health Information Ambassadors
    Looking up health information on your own can be overwhelming. Our professional health librarians can help you check out books, CDs and videos or look up health information in our extensive catalog of medical journals — ranging in topics from cancer to nutrition to alternative medicine.
  • Integrative Healing
    Sharp HealthCare’s integrative and complementary medicine programs incorporate unconventional healing approaches that go beyond traditional medicine to help patients achieve mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and social well being.

About the Planetree Model
Since its founding in 1978 as a not-for-profit organization, Planetree has been a pioneer in personalizing, humanizing and demystifying the health care experience for patients and their families. The Planetree Model empowers patients and families through information and education, and encourages "healing partnerships" with caregivers.

Planetree's approach is holistic and encourages healing in all dimensions — mental, emotional, spiritual and social, as well as physical. It seeks to maximize health care outcomes by integrating complementary medical therapies such as mind/body medicine and therapeutic massage with conventional medical therapies. Access to arts and nature are also incorporated into the healing environment.

The Planetree Model recognizes the importance of architectural and interior design in the healing process. A growing body of scientific data points to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction as a result of design factors which are homelike, barrier free, support patient dignity and encourage family participation in care.

For More Information
To learn more about Sharp HealthCare or to find a Sharp-affiliated physician, search for a San Diego doctor or call 1-800-82-SHARP (1-800-827-4277), Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm.