Austin Cameron's Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Story Video

Austin Cameron shares his story 10 years after undergoing treatment.

My name is Austin Cameron and I’m going on 10 years of being a cancer survivor from non-Hodgkin's precursor t-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma.

I researched as much as I could, you know. We went to three or four other facilities and got second, third and fourth opinions. And we settled for Dr. Bodkin in Sharp Grossmont because of one, the location, two, their knowledge of that type of cancer, which not very many people had that much knowledge.

When it's cases like mine, they go to like a boardroom and get the best of the best together, and they research it, and they get everybody together and make a good decision for me. And that’s what I cared about. I was able to get back in the race car and actually I only missed three or four races, and of the races that I did make I won half of those. And to top it off I won the biggest race of my career not six months, eight months after my first dose of chemo.

When I actually found out that I had no more cancer, first of all, my wife, my family and all the doctors surprised the heck out of me by holding a little surprise party — a cancer-free party — which I had no idea about. Low and behold, I walked in that dang door and there was 75 people there, and the first one there was Dr. Bodkin. And I don’t know how other hospitals operate, but I don’t think they get that kind of treatment. And it’s pretty cool, overwhelming I guess. But what an amazing support structure, and I don’t know, I mean like I say, they’re my friends to this day.

I just want to thank Sharp and the entire group that had been involved with me and my cancer treatment and I just really want to say thank you because I’m here being a good father and a good husband and I’m able to do that because of you guys. I appreciate it.