Prostate Cancer Survivor Video

Learn how a prostate cancer survivor was successfully treated.

My name is Joe Morris, and I’m a prostate cancer survivor.

My grandson turned 11 last week, and he’s the pride of my life. We’re all Joseph Carlton Morris — one, two and three. But I go by Joe, my son goes by Carlton — took the middle name — and so, the last one gets Joseph. The airlines love it. Drives them crazy.

A thing like a PSA, do it. Do it or at some point you may not see your grandchildren.

My PSA, we’d got a baseline, and had been taking it for years and years. It had stayed fairly constant, and then five years ago there was a jump up in the numbers with the PSA.

There was a concern that there was something underlying that in my prostate that jump made them nervous. We decided at that point, the physicians and I, that probably because the Tomo Radiation Therapy System was available at [Sharp] Grossmont Hospital, and seemed to be just light years ahead of everybody else, to go down that route.

It was to me painless, effortless and got exactly what everybody wanted, which was a zero PSA. And got it with no side effects whatsoever.

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