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Produced on location at Sharp hospitals and medical facilities, our award-winning documentary series features real-life stories of hope told as they happened by patients, families and caregivers.

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Stories of The Sharp Experience, Episode 12

"Stories of The Sharp Experience, Episode 12" — From the drama of lives restored to the miracle of birth, witness the inspiring work of Sharp caregivers in the latest episode of our compelling documentary series.

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Trauma Video  Trauma Video: Kevin's Story

Watch the trauma team at Sharp Memorial Hospital perform dramatic procedures to save this father's life after a violent rollover accident causes multiple major injuries.

Shoulder Surgery Video 

Shoulder Surgery Video: David's Story

When injury threatens this world-class marathon swimmer, David turns to Sharp-affiliated orthopedic surgeon Dr. Gregory Alberton and Sharp Coronado Hospital. This story follows his dream to return to competition at the highest level.

Heart Attack Video  Heart Attack Video: John's Story

Every minute counts during a heart attack. Go behind the scenes as Dr. Nazair Azimi, a Sharp-affiliated cardiologist, and a team of caregivers work quickly to save John's life in Sharp Grossmont Hospital's highly advanced cardiac catheterization lab.

Maternity Video  Maternity Video: A Day in the Life of Sharp Mary Birch

See a day in the life of Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns where more than 8,600 babies are born each year. Most deliveries are perfectly normal. But the doctors and nurses of this nationally recognized hospital and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit must be ready for anything.

Atrial Fibrillation Video  Atrial Fibrillation Video: Brandon's Story

At age 20, Brandon is living under the threat of sudden death. Now, under the care of Sharp-affiliated cardiac specialists Dr. Robert Gillespie and Dr. Charles Athill, he will receive minimally invasive surgery at Sharp Memorial Hospital to correct his irregular heart rhythm.

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