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Produced on location at Sharp hospitals and medical facilities, our award-winning documentary series features real-life stories of hope told as they happened by patients, families and caregivers.

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Blessing Maxillofacial Reconstructive Surgery Video: Blessing's Story

Blessing's face was destroyed in a horrific accident that took place in Zimbabwe when he was 9 years old. Under the care of Dr. Joel Berger, a Sharp-affiliated oral and maxillofacial surgeon, and a team of surgeons at Sharp Memorial Hospital, Blessing will undergo reconstructive surgery that will truly change his life.

Sandra and Kalim

Adaptive Skiing Video: Sandra's and Kalim's Stories
Kalim and Sandra were living normal lives before experiencing spinal cord injuries. Treated as patients of Sharp Rehabilitation Services, they regained many of their abilities. Now, with the help of Debbie Moore, a recreation therapist, these two young people have the opportunity to take their recovery to an entirely new level when they go on a ski trip to Bear Mountain.

Adele Total Hip Replacement Video: Adele's Story

Adele, who suffers from osteoarthritis, was training for a mini-triathlon when she crashed her bike and further damaged her hip. Since the accident, she is not able to walk without using a cane and is intense pain that impacts every phase of her life. Go behind the scenes as Dr. Peter Hanson, an orthopedic surgeon affiliated with Sharp Grossmont Hospital, performs a muscle-sparing anterior total hip replacement procedure.

Edgar Lung Cancer Treatment Video: Edgar's Story

Edgar was a healthy nonsmoker with a wife and children and just about to turn 50 when he received the completely unexpected diagnosis of stage four lung cancer. Dr. Kenneth Johnson, Dr. Siavash Jabbari and Dr. Lance Altenau, affiliated physicians with the Barnhart Cancer Center at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, lead an aggressive treatment program for Edgar using the highly accurate TrueBeam STx TM radiation therapy system.

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