Meet the Sharp Caregiver — Pat Nemeth, VP Facilities

 Pat Nemeth

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My name is Pat Nemeth. I’m vice president of facilities at Sharp HealthCare.

I have a graduate degree in architecture and am an avid planner. I’ve spent a lot of my career also very concerned about health issues from a community perspective.

For me, design enables the healing. Does the space embrace the patient and the family? Give them confidence that they’re about to get the best care in the universe. Have we built something that takes the fear out of healing?

Design creates the environment where the surgeon can perform while the patient room itself enables the caregiver to access the patient, provide space for the family members to be there when their loved ones are in the hospital. That’s my job. I absolutely love what I do.

I feel that as designers and engineers, we are humbled and honored to work alongside the caregivers of Sharp. So in a small way, I help to be a caregiver, too.

I try to treat everyone that I work with love and respect. And I believe that that changes the business of design and construction. That when you lead from the heart, then suddenly the architects and the engineers and the contractors, they don’t just say, “Well this is just another job.” This really is The Sharp Experience in what we’re doing.

And when you go home at night you go home and you say to your kids, “I didn’t just build a house or a shopping center, I built a place for healing.”

This is not just another business. This is a business about goodness and goodness in our community. This is a different kind of work. This is where my heart belongs.