Patient Stories

Sharp patients are just like you. Read the stories below to learn, firsthand, how patients of Sharp HealthCare overcome immense obstacles to lead healthy lifestyles.

Patient Diaries
Read the following diaries written by Sharp patients detailing their personal journeys through health care.

Debbie's Heart Transplant Journey Debbie's Heart Transplant Journal
Follow Debbie as she waits to receive a heart transplant, undergoes surgery and finds her life changed for good.
Jessica's Pregnancy Journal Jessica's Pregnancy Journal
Follow Jessica's pregnancy journey as she prepares for a new little one to join her family.
 Kay Wollf Kay's Altruistic Kidney Donation Journal
Read Kay's journal as she writes about her experience donating one of her kidneys to a total stranger, and how it has changed her life.
Memory Bear Journal Laurie's Memory Bear Journal
Laurie chronicles her experience as a volunteer with Sharp HospiceCare's Memory Bear Program, which serves to help bring comfort and peace to grieving families.

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More Patient Stories
Learn about other patients who chose Sharp by reading the following patient stories. To view all patient stories, visit our archive.

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