Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery Quality of Care Report

How does Sharp HealthCare rate in hip and knee replacement surgery care?
Sharp has a Total Joint Replacement Program and is well known for the quality of care provided to patients. Research has shown that certain types of care reduce complications and improve outcomes in joint replacement surgery. The two graphs below show how consistently Sharp provides these types of surgical care to hip and knee replacement patients. Higher scores mean a higher percent of patients received all recommended care. Below the graphs you can find the number of common orthopedic procedures performed at Sharp during a recent 12 month period.

Recommended Care for Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Antibiotics are given within 1 hour prior to surgery to prevent infection
  • An appropriate preventive antibiotic is used
  • Preventive antibiotics are stopped within 1 day after surgery
  • Pre-surgery hair removal is not performed using a razor
  • Patients on beta blocker medication prior to surgery receive beta blockers around the time of surgery
  • Treatment to prevent blood clots was ordered by the doctor
  • Treatment to prevent blood clots was started within a day before or after surgery
  • Urinary catheter is removed within 2 days after surgery
  • Normal body temperature is maintained during surgery

Percent of Hip Replacement Patients Who Received All Recommended Care
Sharp HealthCare

Percent of Knee Replacement Patients Who Received All Recommended Care
Sharp HealthCare

How many patients like me have you treated?
Research has shown that hospitals performing a higher volume of these procedures often have better outcomes and fewer complications. Sharp hospitals perform a large number of these cases each year. The annual procedure volume for these surgeries is listed below.

How does Sharp help restore an orthopedic patient's active lifestyle?

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