Women's Surgery Quality of Care Report

How does Sharp HealthCare rate in women's surgery care?
Specific types of care have been shown to improve results in surgery patients. The graph below shows how consistently Sharp provides these types of surgical care to women's surgery patients. Patients having hysterectomies and other gynecologic surgeries are included in this report. Higher scores mean more patients received all recommended treatments.

Recommended Care for Women's Surgery Patients

  • An appropriate preventive antibiotic is used
  • Antibiotics are given within one hour before surgery to prevent infection
  • Patients' body temperatures are maintained during surgery
  • Patients on beta blocker medication at home receive beta blockers around the time of surgery
  • Pre-surgery hair removal is performed using clippers, rather than a razor, to decrease the risk of infection
  • Preventive antibiotics are stopped within two days after surgery
  • Treatment to prevent blood clots in legs and lungs is ordered and given in a timely manner
  • Urinary catheters are removed within two days after surgery

Hysterectomy Charts
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