New Class Prepares "Homeward-Bound" Patients and Families

Homeward Bound prepares patients and families for life after hospital discharge.

Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, continuing its journey toward patient-centered care, developed the Homeward Bound program in an effort to integrate families into the care received in the hospital and beyond.

The program, which launched in January 2014 and focuses on healing at home after a hospital discharge, combines the expertise of multiple service lines — Nutrition, Rehabilitation Services, Pharmacy and Case Management — into one free, weekly class for caregivers.

Patients are also welcome at the class, which offers education in four crucial areas — nutrition, fall and injury prevention, safe medication practices, and an overall successful home recovery — all with the goal of reducing hospital readmissions.

Attendees are also encouraged to write down any questions they may have specific to their or their loved one’s care and present them to their nurse or physician after the class for follow-up information.

"Patients and their loved ones often have many questions about what happens after a hospital discharge, and many family members are put in the position of being a caregiver for the first time," explained Mary Cruz, program manager of community and multicultural relations at Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center.

"Through this new multidisciplinary program, we are involving family members before their loved one is discharged so everyone can have the knowledge to help the patient heal at home and avoid being hospitalized again," she added. "This meets two important goals: encouraging an environment of patient-centered care and reducing readmission rates. It’s a win-win for patients, caregivers and the hospital."

For More Information
The Homeward Bound class meets every Wednesday at 3 pm in the Nellie Barrington Room at Sharp Chula Vista. Any staff member can invite a family member or patient to attend by providing them an invitation postcard available at inpatient and outpatient nursing stations.