Sharp Coronado Community Pharmacy

Sharp Coronado Community Pharmacy

The Sharp Coronado Community Pharmacy is located next to the hospital and carries an array of tools for health and wellness. Our range of services include:

  • Fast, friendly service — We are committed to providing excellent, personalized service.
  • Free delivery — We deliver during normal business hours throughout Coronado and the Cays.
  • Herbal and dietary supplements — A wide variety of herbal and dietary supplements are available.
  • Home medical equipment sales and rentals — We sell a variety of equipment to meet your at-home medical needs, and we rent crutches and wheelchairs for short-term use.
  • Most health insurance plans accepted — Copays may vary; U.S. military are welcome.
  • Convenient prescription refills — Refills are processed during normal business hours.
  • Wound care products — We have a comprehensive selection of specialized products for all your wound care needs.
  • Commitment to the community — Proceeds from pharmacy purchases are used to support programs, services and equipment needs at the hospital.
  • Special order products — We carry a wide variety of items to suit your needs, but can also order specific products to be delivered within the next working day.

Filling or Transferring a Prescription
For your convenience, your physician's office can call, fax or email a new or refill prescription once it is written. Prescriptions can also be easily transferred from another location to be filled at Sharp Coronado Community Pharmacy. Prescriptions are processed during normal business hours.

Refilling a Prescription
Please contact the pharmacy directly at 619-522-3996 to refill a prescription. With free delivery throughout Coronado and the Cays, refills can be processed conveniently and quickly, in as little as two hours.

Prescription History
By filling all of your prescriptions at the same location, a prescription history can be created. When prescribing a new medication, your physician can use this information to fully evaluate your medication background. Knowing your medical and prescription history allows for optimal health and well being, and ensures the safe and effective use of medication. A list of your prescription history, which can be printed any time you make a purchase at Sharp Coronado Community Pharmacy, also assists paramedic and other emergency services when caring for you, and is helpful in recalling your health-related purchases during tax time.


230 Prospect Place
Coronado, CA 92118
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Monday through Friday, 9 am to 6:30 pm
Saturday, 8 am to noon

Contact us at 619-522-3996 or send us an email.