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What's New?

  • Future versions of the FollowMyHealth mobile apps will add more features so you can do all the same things on your mobile device as you can on a browser. In the meantime, use this handy guide to see what you can do on each platform.
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For more information about FollowMyHealth, please read our frequently asked questions.

What if I previously had a mySharp account?

If you never received an email invitation to join FollowMyHealth or your invitation has expired, please send us an email and provide your full name and date of birth. You will receive a new email invitation to link your mySharp account to your new FollowMyHealth account and all your data will be transferred. Please do not sign up on the FollowMyHealth website, and instead wait for your email invitation.

How do I sign up for FollowMyHealth?

Find out if your doctor participates in FollowMyHealth, and then sign up at your next office visit. Please do not sign up on the FollowMyHealth website.

Need to pay your bill?
Soon you will be able to view your bills and current balances and make payments on FollowMyHealth. Until we have this feature available, you can pay your bill via Sharp.com.

FollowMyHealth offers many of the same features available with mySharp:

  • Access your personal health information anywhere, anytime
  • View test results
  • Send and receive messages from your doctor's office
  • Schedule and cancel appointments
  • Review health information from your doctor or hospital visits
  • And more

Plus, you can:

  • Receive email reminders of appointments
  • View your eyeglasses or contacts prescriptions
  • Get direct access to medical information about your conditions or medications
  • View the site in Spanish
  • And enjoy more valuable features to be added soon

Available on the App Store Android App on Google Play