New Low-Dose CT at Sharp Grossmont Reduces Radiation Exposure

Every day, millions of physicians in the United States are referring patients to receive computerized tomography (CT or CAT scans). CT technology is proven to accelerate treatment planning for diagnosing a tumor, identify internal bleeding, or check for other internal injuries or damage. Although CT scans has saved lives, it’s had its share of headline-making news, particularly to the amount of radiation exposure patients receive during treatment.

Sharp Grossmont Hospital Outpatient Imaging, located at Grossmont Medical Terrace, is now treating patients with low-dose CT — the latest, state-of-the-art device for CT imaging. The breakthrough technology allows radiation to be administered at the lowest exposure possible — up to 60 percent less than conventional CT scanners. In addition, the cutting-edge device also provides physicians with a faster image capture rate, and high-definition images — up to 30 percent clearer.

While important for every patient, radiation dose reduction is especially significant for children, patients requiring repeat CT scans and cancer patients, many of whom receive multiple scans to determine the effectiveness of their chemotherapy or radiation.

CT technology is more detailed than general X-rays. In conventional X-rays, a beam of energy is aimed at the body part being studied. A plate behind the body part captures the variations of the energy beam after it passes through skin, bone, muscle, and other tissue.

With CT, the X-ray beam moves in a circle around the body. This allows many different views of the same organ or structure, and provides much greater detail. The X-ray information is then sent to a computer that interprets the X-ray data and displays it in 2-dimensional form.

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