Sleep Disorders Center at Sharp Grossmont Hospital

Sleep Disorders Center
Sleep studies are performed in a home-like setting with amenities to make the stay more comfortable.
Specialized Facility for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Disorders

More than 40 million Americans of all ages suffer from sleep disorders. Failure to get adequate sleep not only affects our mental and physical well being, but some sleep disorders can even be life threatening. At Sharp Grossmont Hospital, we take your sleep problems seriously and develop targeted treatment programs.

Our Services
The Sharp Grossmont Hospital Sleep Disorders Center is a specialized outpatient facility dedicated to exceptional patient care by providing the latest medical technology and personalized treatment. We offer a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients with sleep-related disorders, including snoring, insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy and sleep disorders associated with medical or psychiatric conditions.

Located in Grossmont Medical Plaza adjacent to Sharp Grossmont Hospital, the center offers a comfortable environment for our patients. Our sleep center provides the following services:

  • Comprehensive sleep medicine consultation and follow up
  • Diagnostic studies, including polysomnography, MSLT  and CPAP/BiPAP/ASV titration 
  • Unattended home sleep studies
  • Highly trained and registered polysomnographers

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How Are Sleep Disorders Diagnosed?
All patients are referred by their physician. A sleep specialist reviews each patient's comprehensive sleep questionnaire and, in some cases, the patient can be referred to another specialist without a sleep study needed.

If a sleep disorder is suspected, a sleep study can be ordered. This involves an overnight stay in one of our comfortable outpatient rooms. During the stay your brain waves will be recorded by our state-of-the-art EEG machine to monitor stages of sleep and any frequent sleep interruptions. A microphone and closed-circuit television provide other clues about heavy snoring and unusual body movement. An airflow recording with oximetry monitors your breathing, noting obstructed breathing, number of partial or complete breath holds and oxygen level. Finally, an electrocardiogram monitors your heart rate and rhythm.

Treatment Options for Sleep Disorders
Depending on the sleep disorder that is diagnosed, treatment may include surgery, medical devices, behavior modification or medications.

Sharp Grossmont Sleep Disorders Team
The Sleep Disorders Center is staffed by a sleep specialist trained in sleep disorders and pulmonology. Specialists in neurology; ear, nose and throat surgery; and psychiatry are available for patient referral.

An Extraordinary Level of Care
From keeping patients comfortable with special hotel-style amenities like aroma therapy and custom pillows to morning coffee and pastry service, our priority is our patients. It's all part of the extraordinary level of care we call The Sharp Experience.

Tips to Get a Good Night's Rest

  • Avoid caffeine consumption after 2 pm
  • Stick to a regular sleep routine
  • Avoid exercise close to bedtime
  • Turn off all electronic devices (cell phone, tablet, TV, laptop) an hour before bedtime

Sleep Disorders Center
Grossmont Medical Plaza, Suite 602
5525 Grossmont Center Drive
La Mesa, CA 91942
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For More Sleep Disorders Information
Sleep assessment is provided with physician referral only. To learn more about the Sleep Disorders Center, call 619-740-4488.

To find a Sharp-affiliated physician, search for San Diego doctors or call 1-800-82-SHARP (1-800-827-4277), Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm.