Transcript: What is a Sleep Study?

Learn about the sleep study program at Sharp Grossmont Hospital

Dr. Victoria Sharma, a neurology and sleep medicine physician affiliated with Sharp HealthCare discusses the benefits of a sleep study.

A sleep study is a diagnostic procedure that is used to identify whether or not a patient has sleep apnea or some other sleep disorder. The patient spends the night in the sleep lab. They're not hospitalized, but they spend the night in a room that looks more like a hotel room. Before the patient goes to sleep, they get hooked up to a number of sensors, and these monitor various things during sleep - such as brain waves, breathing, movements, oxygen levels and some other things. The patient leaves in the morning and will get the results within the next few days. Currently, there's also the possibility of doing home sleep studies for some select patients.

If you have a sleep disorder, you can come visit us at the Sleep Disorders Center on the 6th floor of the Grossmont Medical Plaza building. There we have two sleep beds fully equipped with the latest technology, and we also have consultations available on site as well.

There are a lot of Sharp touches that make this a very special place, and each and every patient that comes gets excellent care there. There's also a sleep medicine consultation available in the Sleep Center as well. You may go to the Sharp Web site to find a Sharp-affiliated sleep medicine physician.