Upgraded Cancer Therapy Reduces Treatment Time by Half


The David and Donna Long Center for Cancer Treatment at Sharp Grossmont Hospital recently upgraded its TomoTherapy® radiation therapy system to TomoTherapy®  HD™ Series, which reduces overall treatment time by half. In addition to quicker treatment times, patients will experience fewer side effects than traditional radiation therapy and faster treatment planning — in most cases, from hours to minutes. The upgraded technology also expands the ability for the system to target cancer cells with increased pinpoint precision and accuracy, without damaging healthy tissues surrounding the cancer.

The TomoTherapy®  HD™ Series uses a 3-D CT scanner to view the tumor prior to each treatment delivery. The technology is effective in treating cancer of the head and neck, brain, prostate, lung and other challenging sites. It also has the capability to treat multiple sites simultaneously.

"The upgraded system allows us to treat patients with the most advanced cancer-fighting technology available," said Brian Taylor, director of ambulatory services at Sharp Grossmont Hospital. "Each cancer patient's journey is unique, and it's our commitment to provide personalized treatment with the most innovative technology available in our community."

Sharp Grossmont Hospital is the only designated TomoTherapy treatment center in San Diego, and one of 10 in California.

The Cancer Center at Sharp Grossmont Hospital was the first comprehensive, stand-alone outpatient facility for cancer diagnosis, treatment, support groups and educational resources in San Diego County.

The Center provides cancer patients advanced cancer-fighting technologies and therapies and the ability to see radiation and medical oncology specialists in one location. It’s accredited from the American College of Surgeons as a Comprehensive Community Cancer Center, which applauds organizations that meet the highest standards for providing quality, comprehensive care to patients.

The Center is also accredited from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) for its dedication to the improvement of quality care and outcomes of patients with diseases of the breast.

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TomoTherapy is currently offered at the David and Donna Long Cancer Center at Sharp Grossmont Hospital.