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A Comprehensive Course in Medical/Surgical Nursing

Fee: Free

This two-day course will give registered nurses the necessary information to achieve success on the medical-surgical certification exam. The class is also ideal for nurses who desire a refresher course or who are transitioning from another area into medical-surgical nursing. The instructors will provide a brief explanation of each body system, common pathological conditions/treatments, fluids and electrolytes, and appropriate nursing assessments and interventions.

At the completion of the course, the learner will be able to:

  • Accurately interpret arterial blood gas results
  • Describe the techniques for preparing for the med/surg exam
  • Define hematologic abnormalities and various treatment methods
  • Define nursing practice roles within the specialty of med/surg nursing
  • Discuss the integumentary system and its role in infection prevention
  • Discuss treatment options for the oncology patient
  • Identify outcome criteria for evaluation of the effectiveness of nursing interventions
  • Outline the professional responsibilities inherent in becoming a certified med/surg nurse
  • Relate the pathophysiology basis of various disease states to nursing assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation
  • Relate the pathophysiology of cardiac abnormalities, respiratory system, renal impairments and gastrointestinal abnormalities to the presentation of the patient
  • Relate the pathophysiology of fluid and electrolytes to the presentation of the patient

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