Managing Pain and Stress Class Series

This six-week program is designed to provide you with the tools to manage your chronic pain.

The first hour of each week's class is taught in a group setting by a licensed psychologist. A number of topics will be covered, including:

  • Developing personal goals for pain management
  • Learning about the relationship between pain and mood
  • Understanding your relationship with pain
  • Working with your health care team regarding treatment options

The second hour of each session will also take place in a group setting and will be led by a licensed physical therapist. A variety of stress-reducing techniques will be discussed, including:

  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Guided imagery
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction
  • Simple stretching

Please note that this program does not include medication prescription.

Upon completion of this six-week series, participants will receive a certificate for one free yoga class at either the Sharp Rees-Stealy Chula Vista or Kearny Villa locations.

Fee $50

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Sharp Rees-Stealy

Sharp Rees-Stealy Kearny Villa Suite 200, Physical Therapy Dept.
3666 Kearny Villa Rd
San Diego, CA 92123

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