Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Full-Day Class

This full-day seminar is only for Sharp Mesa Vista and Sharp McDonald Center employees who have direct interaction with patient. It reinforces crisis prevention and emphasizes early intervention and non-physical methods for preventing or managing disruptive behavior, including the Crisis Prevention Institute's (CPI) Personal Safety Techniques.

The eight-hour course is designed for newly-hired individuals who have not had CPI training in the past. The Nonviolent Crisis Intervention program is a safe, non-harmful behavior management system designed to help human service professionals provide for the best possible Care, Welfare, Safety and Security of disruptive, assaultive and out-of-control individuals – even during their most violent moments. This seminar is an introduction to crisis prevention that emphasizes early intervention and nonphysical methods for preventing or managing disruptive behavior. CPI’s Personal Safety Techniques are included in this course.

Course Objectives

•    Identify the behavior levels that contribute to the development of a crisis and choose an appropriate staff intervention for each level
•    Identify useful non-verbal techniques which can help prevent acting-out behavior
•    Use verbal techniques to de-escalate behavior
•    Demonstrate CPI’s Principles of Personal Safety to avoid injury if behavior escalates to a physical level
•    Provide for the Care, Welfare, Safety and Security of all those who are involved in a crisis situation
•    Understand and develop team intervention strategies and techniques
•    Recognize the importance of staff attitudes and professionalism in responding effectively to those in your charge
•    Demonstrate physical control and restraint positions to be implemented when physical control is necessary as a last resort due to an individual’s dangerous behavior
•    Apply the material covered in training to real-life situations (role-playing scenarios)
•    Find ways to use the time after a crisis as a stop toward preventing future crises
•    Use a model for action after an incident that will bring about necessary closure, debriefing and re-establishment of a therapeutic relationship with the individuals involved
•    Demonstrate the CPI Kick Block
•    Demonstrate the CPI one- and two-hand wrist grab release
•    Demonstrate the one- and two-hand hair pull release
•    Demonstrate the CPI front and back choke release
•    Demonstrate the CPI Bite Release
•    Demonstrate the CPI Child Control Position
•    Demonstrate the CPI Transport Position

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