Cardiac Rehabilitation

Improving health and quality of life for San Diegans through cardiac rehabilitation.

Sharp's heart and peripheral vascular rehabilitation program guides patients through the process of healing, recovery and rehabilitation. Our goal is to help patients return to their normal lifestyle and level of activities.

Program Goals for Patients with Heart Disease
For patients who have already experienced some type of heart disease treatment, changing behaviors to help regain heart health is even more crucial to minimize the likelihood of future heart problems. Program goals include:

  • Decrease blood pressure if hypertensive
  • Decrease body fat
  • Decrease total cholesterol
  • Decrease risk of plaque rupture
  • Decrease stress, anxiety, depression and promotion of relaxation
  • Increase exercise tolerance
  • Increase muscular strength and endurance
  • Increase quality of life
  • Normalize blood sugars if diabetic
  • Reduce risk of coronary artery disease progression while improving overall cardiovascular health

Program Goals for Patients with Peripheral Vascular Disease
For patients with peripheral vascular disease (PVD), the rehabilitation program is designed to help patients who experience leg pain while walking and performing other weight-bearing activities. Program goals include:

  • Decrease hospitalizations
  • Improve circulation
  • Improve overall cardiovascular health
  • Increase overall endurance and muscle strength
  • Prevent further disease progression to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and amputation
  • Reduce pain symptoms

Specially Tailored Treatment Plans
The rehabilitation staff, under the direction of your physician, will design an individualized treatment plan focused on medically supervised exercise and education to help increase your daily activities and improve your overall quality of life.

Your individualized plan will include:

  • Medically supervised exercise session with symptom monitoring
  • Nursing assessment to evaluate health status and patient concerns
  • Risk-factor modification training for you and your family to reduce your risk for future heart and/or vascular health issues