Heart Valve Surgery Center in San Diego

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Sharp's Heart Valve Surgery Center offers minimally invasive valve surgery, MAZE procedures and aortic valve surgery.

Your heart has four valves — mitral, tricuspid, aortic and pulmonary — which ensure that blood flows in only one direction through the heart. Heart valve disease occurs when one or more heart valves do not work correctly, which can damage your heart over time. 

Sharp specializes in the surgical treatment of heart valve disease. Our affiliated surgeons have extensive experience in mitral valve, aortic and tricuspid valve repair and replacement.

Why Choose Sharp's Heart Valve Surgery Center?

  • A robust team of internationally renowned health care professionals — including cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, nurses and board-certified pulmonologists and intensivists — who care for patients before surgery through rehabilitation and recovery
  • At Sharp Memorial Hospital, critical care intensivists are in-house 24 hours a day, ensuring patients receive the highest level of care
  • Patients recover in a private room equipped with a sofa sleeper where a loved one can spend the night
  • Sharp specializes in advanced cardiac care including mechanical circulatory support and heart transplant
  • Surgeons at Sharp Memorial perform more than 100 heart valve repair and replacement surgeries each year, with the majority of patients receiving heart valve repair surgery
  • The rich legacy of Sharp Memorial Hospital's cardiac program includes San Diego's first open-heart surgery and heart transplant
  • Unparalleled experience with high-risk heart failure patients in San Diego

Heart Valve Medical Treatment

Treatments for heart valve disease include drug therapy, heart valve repair surgery and heart valve replacement surgery. Sharp Memorial Hospital provides the following surgical options for heart valve surgery:

Locations of Heart Valve Services in San Diego

We offer surgical options for aortic and mitral valve repair at the following Sharp hospital in San Diego:

For More Heart Valve Surgery Information

To learn more about heart valve surgery at Sharp Memorial Hospital, send us an email and a cardiac specialist will contact you directly.

Find a Heart Valve Surgeon in San Diego

To find a Sharp-affiliated doctor, search for a San Diego heart valve surgeon or call 1-800-82-SHARP (1-800-827-4277), Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm.