New Graduate Nurse Residency Program FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about the Sharp HealthCare New Graduate Nurse Residency Program

When does Sharp HealthCare hire new grad RNs?
Sharp HealthCare hires graduate nurses when "Clinical Nurse — New Grad RN" positions are posted on our career site in early spring for programs starting in June/July and in the fall for programs starting in January-March. However, positions may be posted at other times. This information can be found at and then choosing the nursing option.

What units hire new grads?
We offer two program tracks: unit-based and residency rotations. The New Graduate Nurse Residency position posting will list the available programs. Availability is based on facility needs.

What are the differences between the two program tracks offered?
Residency Rotation Track: The residency track is designed for new graduate nurses who are interested in building a variety of skills by working with several different units during the one-year program.

Unit-based Track: In the unit-based track, which is designed for the new graduate nurses who are interested in a specific area of care, nurses will complete the program in their unit of hire.

How many positions will you be offering for your winter 2014/2015 New Graduate Nurse Residency programs?
The number of positions for each new graduate nurse residency program is based on current and projected staffing needs at the time of the new graduate recruitment.

What are the requirements for Sharp HealthCare's New Graduate Nurse Residency program positions? 

  • Must be a graduate of a U.S. state-approved and accredited nursing program
  • Must have a current unencumbered California RN license by program start date (unless otherwise specified)
  • Minimum ADN required; BSN preferred
  • Must have a current CPR certification appropriate for a health care provider
  • Must have graduated no more than 18 months prior to the start of the New Graduate Nurse Residency program
  • Must have less than 12 months RN work experience by the program start date

What is the New Graduate Nurse Residency program process time line?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014           Position posted
Monday, October 20, 2014, 11 pm PST Last day to apply
Monday, October 20, 2014, 11 pm PST          All applications and resumes must be received
November 2014 - January 2015                                 Interviews take place
Winter 2014/2015                   New Graduate Nursing Residency Programs begin

Can I apply for a New Grad position before I get my RN license?
Yes, you can apply before you have your California RN license and before you have graduated.

I am a newly graduated RN and I have begun to work as a nurse elsewhere (nursing home, other hospital, physician's office, etc.). Am I still eligible to apply for a new graduate position?
To be eligible for our new graduate program, you would have to have less than 12 months of experience as a nurse by the new graduate programs start date. 

Do I need to resubmit my documents if I have already submitted them in the past 12 months?

I'm a current Sharp employee. Do I need to apply through the New Graduate Nurse Residency Program?
Sharp employees must complete the New Graduate Nurse Residency application process in order to be considered for a new grad position.

Do you have to be a resident of California to apply to Sharp HealthCare's New Graduate Nurse Residency programs?
No, out-of-state candidates are eligible for the program if they meet the position requirements.

Can I apply for other RN positions, such as "Clinical Nurse" openings?
New graduate nurses must apply through the New Graduate Nurse Residency Program. You only qualify for "Clinical Nurse — New Grad RN" nursing jobs as these are specifically designed to help you gain the competencies to be successful in your career. Please do not apply for clinical nurse or other RN openings as these positions require experience.

What documents do I need to submit?
All New Grad applicants must complete an online application (a transfer application if you are a current Sharp HealthCare employee) and submit a resume.

**Please do not upload or submit transcripts, letters of recommendation or other documents. These will be requested at a later date if required.

What types of questions are included when applying for the New Graduate Nurse Residency Programs?
The application includes both multiple choice questions and questions to which you will submit a written response. The questions to which you will submit a written response are:

  1. Why are you interested in beginning your nursing career at Sharp HealthCare?
  2. Why did you select the 1st clinical area/program that you chose?
  3. Why did you select the 2nd clinical area/program that you chose?
  4. What is your definition of leadership, and why do you feel it is important? How have you demonstrated leadership?
  5. Did you complete a senior preceptorship as a part of your nursing program? If yes, what was your typical patient assignment? Please include the name of the facility where you completed your preceptorship, the type of unit, the types of diagnosis you worked with and the number of patients you cared for. What did you like most about this experience? What did you like least?

Will my New Grad application be considered if it is incomplete?
No, as each document is important and carefully considered during the review process. It is the responsibility of the candidate to have all required documents to Sharp HealthCare Recruitment by the deadline posted.

Will my New Grad application be considered if it is submitted after the deadline?
No, in order to be considered for our New Graduate Nurse Residency Programs, applicants must apply to the position and submit all required documents by the deadline listed on the job posting.

Can I email my New Grad packet? How about fax?
We are unable to accept documents in person, by regular/certified mail, fax or email. Instructions on how to submit your documents will be listed under the How to Apply section on New Graduate Nurse Residency Program at the time of posting.

To whom do I address the cover letters?
Cover letters are not required. If you plan on submitting a cover letter, please address the letter to Nurse Recruiter or Nurse Manager rather than to a specific individual.

How can I confirm you received all of my application documents?
You can view your submitted documents by checking your attachments in your profile. Due to the volume of applicants we are not able to confirm the receipt of individual applications/resumes and are not able to respond to individual requests for confirmation of items received.

How do I follow up on the status of my application?
You can view the status of your application by logging into your career center account and view the 'job status' of your submissions. Candidates selected to move forward will be contacted directly by the new graduate recruiter and/or hiring manager via phone or email. Due to the volume of applicants we are unable to respond to individuals requesting a status update.

Do you offer sponsorships for foreign-educated nurses?
Sharp HealthCare is unable to sponsor at this time.

For More Information
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