Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Sharp Mary Birch

NICU Patient Area at Sharp Mary Birch
A patient area in Sharp Mary Birch's NICU, where parents are encouraged to be partners in care for their baby.

Specialty Care for Infants

Sharp Mary Birch's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) offers specialty care for little ones who need special attention. Whether your baby was born prematurely or with complications, there is no better place for your baby to grow, heal and receive high-quality medical care.

Why Choose Sharp Mary Birch for Neonatal Intensive Care?

  • Family members play an integral role in decisions regarding the baby's care
  • More than 130 babies are transferred to our NICU from other area hospitals each year
  • Neurologic Intensive Care Nursery specializes in state-of-the-art care for newborns that may require advanced neurologic assessment and care
  • Our Level III NICU is one of the largest of its kind in California, with the ability to care for up to 84 infants at a time, and is recognized as among the best in the world
  • Sharp Mary Birch's NICU ranks among the top four centers in the nation for NICU infection prevention
  • Our Developmental Care Program combines technology and innovation with human touch to give at-risk babies the best start in life
  • The Neonatal Research Institute continuously works toward providing the latest scientific evidence on the best ways to care for our newborns with research interests that include delivery room interventions, ventilation strategies, seizure detection and treatments and outcomes of prematurity
  • Our NICU caregivers are focused on meeting the needs of the family, offering a NICU Navigator Program, information for feeding a NICU baby, private rooms where parents preparing to take their babies home can more actively participate in care and an informational session for parents who currently have a baby in the NICU
  • Visiting hours are 22 hours per day
  • We encourage parents to participate in Kangaroo Care — a form of skin-to-skin contact that encourages bonding, interaction and cuddling between parents and small babies, which has been shown to encourage breastfeeding, help with restful sleep and promote an early release for premature infants 

Sharp Mary Birch's NICU Team

The multidisciplinary NICU team includes:
  • Lactation specialists
  • Neonatal nurse practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Nutritionists
  • Occupational and physical therapists
  • Physicians
  • Research specialists
  • Respiratory care practitioners
  • Social workers

NICU Location

Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns
3003 Health Center Drive
San Diego, CA 92123
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