Suzy's Zoo Art Gallery at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital

Suzy Spafford

For over 43 years, Suzy's Zoo Studio's founder and CEO, Suzy Spafford, has been doing what she loves — drawing and laughing. Suzy says her life's purpose is to make people happy, and to share the joy experienced when one remembers what it is like to be a child.

And now she's found the perfect spot to open her first-ever Suzy's Zoo Art Gallery —in the newly remodeled lobby of Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns.

When the hospital opened 20 years ago, San Diego resident Suzy Spafford, famous for her
Suzy's Zoo characters and line of greeting cards, created 13 original pieces of artwork for the hospital. Now, in celebration of the hospital's 20 years, Spafford has created five new pieces.

The original collection, which Spafford created to "add a bit of whimsy in a world of caring," tells the story of babies being treated in the NICU. Those newly framed pieces, along with the five new creations that depict the characters later in life, now reside in their permanent one-of-a-kind gallery home.