About Sharp Memorial Hospital

 Mary Thompson

The new Sharp Memorial Hospital opened in 2009. The 368-bed hospital features private patient rooms, sleeper sofas for loved ones, state-of-the-art surgery suites and the largest and most modern emergency and trauma center in San Diego.

Sharp Memorial, part of the Sharp Metropolitan Medical Campus, is also a MAGNET® hospital for nursing and patient care excellence. This designation is the “gold standard” for patient care and nursing excellence and it is the highest honor awarded by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Sharp Memorial Hospital’s unique features include:

  • Advanced emergency care
  • Family-centered care — comfortable spaces, education, refreshments and other amenities to welcome families and guests into the healing process
  • Private patient rooms

Programs and Services
Sharp Memorial Hospital’s programs and services include:

Patient-Centered Care
In 2012, Sharp Memorial was designated a Patient-Centered Care Hospital by the international patient advocacy group Planetree, Inc., which signifies our excellence in providing treatment that extends well beyond caring for a patient's ailments and aiming to heal the person as a whole. We are committed to providing care that anticipates needs and goes beyond expectations. That means putting patients and their families at the center of everything we do. Care is tailored to the needs of the individual, in an environment that is supportive and respectful.

History of Sharp Memorial Hospital
Sharp Memorial has been a part of San Diego health care history for more than 50 years. In April 1955, the Donald N. Sharp Memorial Community Hospital opened its doors. The hospital would eventually become the cornerstone of today's Sharp HealthCare. Now, on the site where Thomas E. Sharp first pledged a hospital to the memory of his heroic son, stands one of the most modern, technologically advanced, patient-focused care centers in the United States. Sharp Memorial continues its tradition as one of the county's largest providers of acute care services and one of the busiest single hospitals in San Diego.

Take a Tour
Want to tour the hospital? Click on the slideshow below to visit Sharp Memorial Hospital. Click on image to view full description.

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Community Health Needs Assessment
Learn about and view the Sharp Memorial Hospital 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment.

For More Information
See the visitor information to obtain details for visiting hours and calling a patient at Sharp Memorial Hospital.