Sharp Memorial Hospital Map, Directions and Parking

Sharp Memorial Hospital is part of Sharp Metropolitan Medical Campus, which has two main parking structures and multiple lots for patients and their families. Below is the hospital’s address, driving directions, a map and information on where to park and related parking fees.

Sharp Memorial Hospital
7901 Frost Street
San Diego, CA 92123
Driving Directions

Parking Lots and Structures

Sharp Memorial Hospital Parking Map
Location/Dept. Parking Structure/Lot Fees
Sharp Memorial Hospital Frost Street (P1)
$3 (with validation
Emergency Department Frost Street (P1)
$3 (with validation)
Outpatient Pavilion* Health Center Drive (P2)
$3 (with validation)
Rehabilitation Services
Rehab Parking (P3)
Imaging Frost Street (P1)
$3 (with validation)
Laboratory Frost Street (P1)
$3 (with validation)
Medical Records Frost Street (P1)
$3 (with validation)
Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab**
Cardiac/Pulmonary Lot (P5)
$3 (with validation)

Additional Parking Information

Parking is free for 0-59 minutes with patient wrist band.

*Parking is limited. Additional parking available on Frost Street (P1).

**Parking is limited. Additional parking available on Health Center Drive (P2).