Preparing for Your Overnight Hospital Stay

Sharp Memorial Hospital’s patient rooms include sleeper sofas for loved ones to stay the night and offer additional support to the patient.

Who Can Spend the Night?
Any adult who is selected by the patient and does not require supervision or physical assistance may spend the night to accompany the patient. Only one person at a time may stay overnight.

Children may not stay overnight, but are welcome to visit patients. We request that children under 14 years of age have a watchful adult present at all times. Consider preparing your child in advance of what they might expect to see during their visit. Ask your nurse if you need assistance in explanations of various equipment and procedures.

Overnight Guests
The designated overnight patient visitor, or partner in care, will be present to assist the patient, partnering with the health care team and providing some attention to:

  • Communication with the health care team on behalf of the patient and other family members 
  • Emotional support 
  • Patient and family education 
  • Physical assistance (reduces falls and the need for sitters) 
  • Spiritual needs 
  • And more

Often when our loved ones are hospitalized we do not know what to do to help. Allowing a family member or friend to remain with the patient serves the needs of the patient, improving the overall hospital experience.

Our goal is to create a peaceful and healing environment in which patients feel nurtured and supported. The special personal loving touch that the partner in care brings, as important members of the health care team, is vital to the overall health and healing process of the patient. And as a team member, the partner in care is empowered to learn and to participate in the recovery of their loved one and will assist the patient in making an appropriate transition in care.

Hospital Features for Patients and Overnight Guests
If you are staying overnight as the designated patient visitor, you may use the sleeper sofa in the patient room for your convenience. All sofas come with sheets, a blanket, a pillow and a pillowcase, a hand towel and a face cloth for your personal use. A staff member will explain how the bed works and where the linens are located.

Each floor of Sharp Memorial Hospital houses a Family Lounge, where you can go to relax and to find coffee, tea, and apples, as well as a computer that you are welcome to use. The hospital also offers vending machines, a gift shop, a cafeteria and a coffee cart for your use.

If you would like to bring an iPod or iPhone with you for your stay, we have several docking stations available for your use. If you do not have an iPod, but would like to use one, we have several available and already loaded with a variety of music. Notify a staff member upon your arrival to request one of these items.

If you are a patient at Sharp Memorial Hospital, feel free to bring your own pajamas with you for your comfort. However, pajama bottoms and gowns are available for your use while you are a patient.

For More Information
To learn more, read How to Prepare for Your Visit.