Postdoctoral Fellowship: Current Opportunities

In the current training year (2013-2014), we have one geropsychology fellow position that has already been filled. We anticipate finalizing funding on one or two additional fellowship positions this year, which will serve in the Cog-IOP/Adult DBT outpatient programs. Depending on speed of funding, selection and hiring process, as well as candidate availability, we anticipate this position or positions would start sometime between Dec. 12 and Jan. 2 and will have an opportunity to accumulate a minimum of 1,500 postdoctoral hours in no fewer than 9 months prior to Oct. 1, 2014. Precise start and end dates will be determined with the selected candidates.

In the 2014-2015 training year, we anticipate having fellows in:

  • Adult Cognitive Intensive Outpatient/DBT Skill Program — Cog-IOP/DBT fellows provide individual CBT and DBT for adults with severe depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other psychiatric illness. Many of these patients have recently been hospitalized, are at risk for suicide and/or have comorbid Axis II disorders. Treatment is primarily done in a group format with a co-therapy model.
  • Generalist/Adult — The generalist/adult fellow will work primarily in the Chronic Pain and Depression IOP but will have opportunities to float to other adult outpatient programs including eating disorders, trauma and a recovery model-based program for individuals with Severe Mental Illness. Treatments are evidence-based and primarily group.
  • Geropsychology — The Gero fellow will provide evidence-based treatment for mood and anxiety disorders in the Senior Intensive outpatient program and will be involved in the new gero-psychiatric inpatient unit as well.

For More Information
For more information about current and upcoming fellowship opportunities, send an email to Lynn Northrop, PhD, training director. Read the application checklist and instructions to learn how to apply.