Sharp Mesa Vista Behavioral Health Services Video

Sharp Mesa Vista celebrates 50 years of service to San Diego.

Kathi Lencioni, CEO: Sharp Mesa Vista has always been a model for a different kind of care. We really focus on how to make patients feel comfortable and well in their mental illness. The facility is surrounded by beautiful gardens for our patients to focus on wellness, engage with their family members in a beautiful setting, there is significant artwork throughout to highlight the some of the beauty that we have here and we really focus on how to make patients feel comfortable and their recovery.

Dr. Michael Plopper, CMO: We’re very much focused on helping people develop individualized treatment goals that suit them, that work for them, that help them as they recover. It is far better for a person to be able to identify those things which help them the best to achieve recovery in the community. We know that recovery is an ongoing process; it doesn’t end when people leave our doors.

Kathi: We have a very unique philosophy of care and we use a recovery model which includes hope, connection, empowerment, self-responsibility and a meaningful life. And every day we focus on one of those five components of the recovery model in all of our areas of the hospital. So during our group therapies, during our outside events that we have here, we’re focusing on one of those things. And if you walk through the facility and some of our gardens you might see a drum circle, you might see a yoga session going on, you might see music therapy, just a lot of alternative therapies that we use here to help people really engage in their overall recovery. The hospital is nationally recognized as a model for behavioral health care.

Dr. Plopper: We were the first in the community to have a senior program and the first in the community to have a dedicated chemical dependency recovery program.

Kathi: We treat a child and adolescent population, very few people are doing that today. We have a transitional age youth program at one of our three sites that we serve in the community, not just here on our main campus but we have two satellite facilities in San Diego, taking care of about 400 patients a day.

Dr. Plopper: We not only do clinical trials of medications, we also have been a part of studies that look at various treatment modalities including cognitive therapy and other types of therapy to develop better ways to provide the right kinds of treatments for our patients. We’re very proud of what we’ve been able to achieve here at Sharp Mesa Vista hospital over these past 50 years. We’re very proud of or programs, our staff and the results we’ve been able to achieve and our role in the community.

Kathi: We’re continuing to plan for the needs of the community. We’re investing $13 million in modernizing the facility that’s been around for 50 years. Part of our modernization will include new patient rooms, beautiful new outdoor spaces, modernized outpatient settings for families and patients to come to, to really receive the treatment they need and deserve in San Diego.

Dr. Plopper: It’s been an honor to be a part of the recovery of well over 150,000 people who’ve received their services and we want to be able to continue to provide those services into the next 50 years.

Kathi: We’re dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the people in San Diego for years to come.