Guest Services: Connecting on a Human Level


Connecting on a Human Level
Saima Bahramzi, Concierge

At Sharp HealthCare, the best patient care is found not only in doctors' offices and operating rooms, but it is delivered in less obvious places, such as a van driver's casual conversation, a much-needed pep talk from perinatal educator or the careful, meticulous manner in which a sterile processing technician prepares the day's surgical instruments.

Support Services employees throughout the organization contribute to patient care in their own unique, unexpected and important ways.

Saima Bahramzi, concierge in Guest Services at Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital, was born in Afghanistan, grew up in Pakistan and moved to the United States in 2003. Because English is her second language, she occasionally has difficulty finding the right words, but this has not affected her remarkable ability to connect on a deep, human level with patients and their families.

Bahramzi spends the bulk of her work hours as a concierge in the hospital's Child and Adolescent Program building, where she has been able to touch the lives of many families in crisis.

"People are often emotional and very worried about their loved ones when they first arrive, so I see it as my role to exude peace, offer help and reassure," Bahramzi said. "Sometimes, it's best to just listen. I am always calm as I make a connection and do my best to show The Sharp Experience."

She recalled a recent moment when a mother, distraught after admitting her 16-year-old daughter with schizophrenia, wept in the unit's waiting room.

"My heart cried and fell from my chest for this mother," Bahramzi said. "I could feel her pure love for her daughter, and I was shaking inside. I took a deep breath so I could help her and told her to have a seat and relax. I offered her some water and asked if I could hug her."

The mother gratefully accepted Bahramzi's hug, and thanked her for her kindness.

"I love people, regardless of who they are, and treat them with dignity, respect and kindness," Bahramzi said. "That's a language everyone understands."

Bahramzi recently earned her master's degree in social work and volunteers twice a week for the Cognitive Intensive Outpatient Program (Cog-IOP). She hopes to one day serve as a social worker for Sharp Mesa Vista.

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