Meet the Dietitian: Brenda O'Day

Brenda O'Day 
Brenda O'Day

Brenda O'Day, MS, RD, CNSC, completed her dietetic internship at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and has been a registered dietitian since 1990. Since 2000, Brenda has held the designation of advanced practitioner at Sharp Memorial Hospital and as such is involved in research and evidence-based practice projects. She graduated in 2009 with her master's degree in nutritional sciences from San Diego State University.

Aside from her professional life, Brenda enjoys hiking, biking, surfing and yoga and she's a proud mother to two cats, Molly and Flynn!

How did you become interested in the field of nutrition?
My decision to go into nutrition was driven by the love of science blended with helping people, and never is regrettable. I remain in this field for the challenge of constant evolving information and opportunities to learn and grow.  

Do you have a particular specialty or focus area as a registered dietitian at Sharp?
My focus as a clinical dietitian is on critical care and nutrition support. My role often allows me to interact with patients and families in very difficult situations. A great sense of satisfaction comes from being able to watch patients become healthy again! I've also enjoyed writing abstracts and creating poster sessions on many nutrition topics, such as blood sugar control and parenteral nutrition, to help educate other medical professionals. I'm very honored to have been awarded an "Abstract of Distinction" during ASPEN's 2007 Nutrition Week as well as "Excellence in Clinical Nutrition Practice" by the California Dietetic Association.  

Tell us a bit about your community involvement and love of teaching.
Throughout my career I've been actively involved in the California Dietetic Association, San Diego district. This has been rewarding personally and professionally as it promotes better practice, expands the role of registered dietitians in the community and is an opportunity to meet great people! One important facet of my career is teaching nutrition therapy to the next generation of nutrition professionals in the undergraduate program at San Diego State University as well as mentoring and lecturing for dietetic internship programs. Receiving the "Outstanding Dietetic Preceptor" award from San Diego State University was such a privilege.

What is your favorite piece of nutrition advice?
The best advice I feel is to develop and maintain a good relationship with your body and the food you put in it!

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