The Benefits of Omega-3 Fats: Pistachio Crusted Wild King Salmon With Corn Fennel Relish

Chef Bernard shares his pistachio-almond-crusted salmon recipe.

Ursula: Hi, I’m Ursula Ridens, registered dietitian at Sharp HealthCare. Today we’re talking about omega-3 fats and how to boost up your diet with these heart-healthy fats. Today we have Chef Bernard here from the Marine Room in La Jolla.

Chef Bernard: It is so good to be able to share one of my favorite recipes and actually it’s a recipe from my grandmother. So it’s very, very really special and close to my heart.

Ursula: So we’re cooking up salmon with a relish and a glaze. And so we will highlight these wonderful ingredients.

Chef Bernard: And in the relish we have corn and we have fennel. And I understand you have some surprises for me.

Ursula: I have some surprise ingredients because I really wanted to boost up the omega-3 content of this recipe. So I did bring some flaxseeds, these happen to be roasted whole flaxseeds.

Chef Bernard: They taste much better roasted than the regular flaxseed, isn’t it?

Ursula: Absolutely.

Chef Bernard: I really like it much better. Go ahead.

Ursula: OK.

Chef Bernard: Delicious, perfect, perfect!

Ursula: Now flaxseed as well as chia seed, which is what we have here next, are both high in ALA. That is a type of omega-3 fatty acid that is very heart healthy. So we want to go ahead and add the chia seeds.

Chef Bernard: Yes please, not too much. I want to cook this no more than I would say 30 seconds. And what I’ll do is transfer it to my hot pad and then we’ll start talking salmon.

Ursula: Great.

Chef Bernard: You see, what I want to do is I want to make sure this cools down because we’ll add strawberries and apples and honey.

Ursula: And we don’t want those to wilt.

Chef Bernard: Exactly, and scallions! So now, when it comes to salmon, you want to use high heat. Oil, running by high heat, it can really handle the high heat. We’ll be using grapeseed oil.

Ursula: OK, perfect.

Chef Bernard: For the salmon, add a little bit of salt and a little bit of pepper. Now check this out. I did not bring only salmon, I also brought my other favorite proteins —– Alaskan halibut and locally caught sea bass.

Ursula: Fantastic! Great!

Chef Bernard: Now what you want to do is make sure your pan gets nice and hot.

Ursula: OK.

Chef Bernard: And we’ll start cooking it.

Ursula: OK, so the salmon is also a very excellent source of omega-3s. Now these types of omega-3s in the fish are called DHA and EPA. And these types of omega-3s are very well-absorbed and well used in our body to protect our heart health. In fact, they help to decrease triglycerides and reduce inflammation.

Chef Bernard: Nice and golden, and now it’s time to flip!

Ursula: OK.

Chef Bernard: Look at it.

Ursula: Oh my gosh.

Chef Bernard: What a gorgeous color here. Now what I’ve prepared is a glaze made with peaches and ginger. And you cook it like this.

Ursula: Oh, that looks so delicious!

Chef Bernard: You just baste it. This is a great recipe that you can also use with chicken. So if you don’t like salmon, you can use this recipe with that.

Ursula: Perfect! But we want to keep these fish in here for the omega-3s. So you can use sea bass or halibut as well, those would be wonderful. And then add some crushed pistachios and almonds, some unsaturated fats to help again with our heart health.

Chef Bernard: And a little bit of curry.

Ursula: And a little bit of curry, fantastic!

Chef Bernard: So it brings a really nice flavor.

Ursula: The American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least two times per week. So check in, and make sure you’re doing that.

Chef Bernard: Wow! Twice a week, so good for you.

Ursula: At least!

Chef Bernard: So I’m going to take this guy here, look at this. Look how gorgeous! Nice, and put it right on top of it.

Ursula: That is wonderful.

Chef Bernard: Now this, what I’ll do is I’ll take a little bit of extra-virgin olive oil and drizzle around the plate.

Ursula: Those are those monounsaturated fats, can’t get enough of that.

Chef Bernard: And this is for you.

Ursula: Oh my goodness.

Chef Bernard: I want you to have a healthy heart forever.

Ursula: This is fantastic! Thank you so much, Chef, for featuring these high omega-3s in this fish. I cannot wait to taste this.