Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

We understand the need to detect and control drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace, which can result in absenteeism, work-related injuries, theft and decreased productivity. We offer a variety of testing services to meet your needs while saving you time and money. 

Electronic Drug Testing
Sharp Rees-Stealy is excited to offer eScreen for digital and instant employee drug testing. With this service you can go paperless with digital readings, online scheduling and automated donor instructions, plus track the donor's status real-time and get instant reports. You'll receive negative test results in only 15 minutes, which makes this a convenient and popular program for employers.

Department of Transportation (DOT) Testing
Drug testing and breath alcohol testing are available for employers who are required to meet DOT guidelines. We can help ensure you are compliant. A Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA, formerly NIDA) certified laboratory evaluates specific substance use as determined by the DOT. The Medical Review Officer reviews laboratory results to ensure accurate reporting.

Post-Accident Testing
This test is performed following an accident or injury, with policies and guidelines established by the employer.

Post-Offer Drug Testing
This test is performed prior to employment, based on company policy.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing
This test is performed when an employer suspects an employee may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol on the job. A Fitness-for-Duty physical examination is recommended to rule out medical causes for behavioral changes.

Find a San Diego Occupational Medicine Doctor
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For More Occupational Health Information
For more information about drug and alcohol testing, contact the location closest to you. To learn more about Sharp's occupational health services, please call 619-446-1967.