How Resilient Are You?

To strengthen mental resilience to adversity, develop a greater sense of purpose and ward off physical ailments, consider this advice from the Mayo Clinic:

  1. Build on skills and strategies that help you through rough times; eliminate those that don’t help
  2. Build relationships with people who provide support and acceptance
  3. Do something that gives you a sense of accomplishment
  4. Evaluate your situation in the larger context of your own life and of the world
  5. Give back to your community
  6. If you don't feel you're making progress, consider talking to a mental health professional
  7. Laugh more — humor is a helpful coping mechanism
  8. Practice stress management techniques
  9. Remain hopeful — accept and anticipate change
  10. Take care of your physical and emotional needs

Source: The National Association of Occupational Health Professionals

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