Karen’s Shoulder Replacement Story Video

A procedure to replace Karen's shoulder brings a new lease on life.

My name is Karen Seidman. I had shoulder replacement [surgery] at Sharp Grossmont Hospital. My shoulder pain started when I fell over some friend’s step at their house and broke my shoulder in five places.

Because of my shoulder injury I couldn’t lift my grandchildren very well. I couldn’t reach things on high shelves. I couldn’t put pots and pans away because they were too heavy. Things like that. I was afraid to use my shoulder.

After surgery I was surprised I wasn’t in any pain and the nurses kept asking me if I needed anything and I kept saying no. I went home and I wasn’t in pain and I took a couple of pain pills just because I was afraid it was going to start up but I really never have any pain. The only problem I had was having to sleep on my back, because I don’t sleep on my back, for about two weeks and keeping the sling on. After that it was pretty much just keep on doing the exercises till about 12 weeks and after that Dr. [Benjamin] Dubois said “Just live your life. Just do what you normally do,” and that’s what I’ve done.

My advice to anybody considering shoulder replacement is — don’t put it off. If the doctor tells you that you need to have it replaced, all you’re going to do is worry about it until it gets done. So go ahead and schedule it and get it done and you will recover.

Sharp Grossmont is a wonderful hospital and Dr. Dubois is excellent. And I would recommend him to anybody who needs a shoulder replacement.