Meet the Team: Alyssa Uher, AuD

Alyssa Uher 

Alyssa Uher, AuD, holds a doctor of audiology degree from San Diego State University and University of California, San Diego. Her interests include diagnostic audiology of children and adults, hearing aids, bone anchored hearing aids, tinnitus and cochlear implants.

How did you choose the field of audiology?
I found the field of audiology in college while taking courses in math and speech language pathology. I found audiology to be an interested blend of math and science that provides me the opportunity to be able to help people.

What do you do in your role at Sharp Rees-Stealy as an audiologist?
I perform diagnostic hearing evaluations on patients of almost all ages — from toddlers to older adults. I also hold an additional licensure to recommend and fit several types of assistive hearing technology, which include hearing aids, bone anchored hearing aids and cochlear implants.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
When my patients become advocates for the use of assistive hearing devices after having their own positive experience. There are many misconceptions about modern-day hearing aids and implants. These misconceptions can be a hindering block to someone taking steps to improve their hearing and quality of life. When I see someone who was initially skeptical of using a hearing aid, only to them to be the one to encourage their friends, family or co-workers to do the same, it’s very exciting!

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