Adapted Driving Program

  Adapted Driving Program
Helping the physically challenged enhance independence through safe driving.

Because driving is such an important aspect of daily living, many people who have suffered a severe injury or illness want to know when and if they can resume driving. The purpose of the Sharp Rehabilitation Driving Program is to assist drivers who have limited physical, perceptual, or cognitive skills typically required for safe driving.

The program evaluates basic skills for driving safely and provides detailed results to drivers, families and physicians. The program offers consultation on Department of Motor Vehicles procedures, assesses the need for adaptive equipment and provides preliminary training using devices such as hand controls and left foot accelerator.

Individuals are evaluated with a wide range of conditions including:

  • Amputation
  • Arthritis
  • Complex cardiac and pulmonary conditions
  • Diabetes
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Orthopaedic conditions
  • Other neurological conditions
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Stroke
  • Traumatic brain injury

Driving Evaluation
The driving program, which takes about three hours, consists of predriving, behind-the-wheel assessments and a discussion about community resources.

  • Before-Driving Evaluation: This standardized occupational therapy clinical test evaluates basic abilities such as strength, coordination, reaction time, vision and cognition.
  • Behind-the-Wheel Evaluation: This road test is completed using a Sharp HealthCare training vehicle with dual instructor controls. Driving focuses on residential areas, business traffic, shopping centers and freeway driving.
  • Community Referral Discussion: Once the driving evaluation is completed, the program helps attendees develop a plan of action with appropriate referrals to local resources.

Referral and Contact Information
A physician's prescription is required. Drivers typically pay privately, however, program staff can assist in exploring insurance options. Drivers need a current driver's license or a special instruction permit and recent eye exam (within last six months).

To learn more about about Sharp Rehabilitation Services Driving Program, please call 858-939-6942.

Find a Physical Therapy Doctor
To find a Sharp-affiliated doctor, search for a San Diego physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor or call 1-800-82-SHARP (1-800-827-4277), Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm.