D. Nielsen Pollock

Peer Support Volunteer

Age: 43

Disability: T3-T4 paraplegic

Age of onset: 40

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Work experience (post injury): Construction

Education: Bachelor's degree in economics, University of California San Diego

Primary language: English

Languages spoken: English

Life goals: Continue to lead a positive and active life while adding value to the community around me. Get back behind the wheel of my '65 Ranchero. 

Hobbies: RC helicopters, traveling, music, hand cycling, swimming

Interests: Spending time with my wife, building a new business, hanging out with friends and family

Anything you would like to share about yourself that might be helpful to someone newly injured?
I was injured in December 2002 in a surfing accident in Laguna Beach. Like just about every new para/quad, I had no idea what had happened to me or what the future would hold. The people at Sharp Rehab were extraordinary at getting me moving and helping to prepare me for life after rehab. Still, it was a shock to navigate the world from a wheelchair for the first several years. Some of the best information I received on dealing with life in a chair came from my fellow paras and quads. Don't hesitate to ask for help from me or any of your other fellow chair users. Things will improve once your body has a chance to start healing. You will be amazed at the things you are able to accomplish.

For More Information
To learn more about the Sharp Rehabilitation Peer Support Advisor Program, please call 858-939-6709 or send us an email. To contact D. Nielsen Pollock, please be sure to include D. Nielsen's name in your message.

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