Darren Brehm

Peer Support Volunteer

Age: 34

Disability: Spinal cord injury; functionally complete at 4/5 level

Age of onset: 20

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Work experience (postinjury): Import business, dot-com entrepreneur, business analyst at Boeing, product manager at Progressive Insurance

Education: Bachelor's in finance, MBA; San Diego State University; Harvard Business School

Primary language: English

Languages spoken: Broken Spanish

Life goals: Live as long as I am healthy, work as long as I am having fun and minimize the impact of my injury on my experiences. 

Hobbies: Pinball, travel, beer, wine, poker (or any kind of gambling), board games, movies, art

Interests: I'm interested in my hobbies when I'm not working!

Anything you would like to share about yourself that might be helpful to someone newly injured?
My wife has traveled this journey with me since the beginning. We are both willing to discuss pretty much anything, so please contact us if you would like.

For More Information
To learn more about the Sharp Rehabilitation Peer Support Advisor Program, please call 858-939-6709 or send us an email. To contact Darren Brehm, be sure to include Darren's name in your message.

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