Robotic Gynecologic Surgery at Sharp HealthCare

When medication and noninvasive procedures are unable to relieve patients’ symptoms, surgery remains the accepted and most effective treatment. Robotic surgery uses state-of-the-art technology that allows the surgeon's hand movements to translate into extremely precise movements within the operative site. The magnified, three-dimensional view and small, robotic instruments enhance the surgeon's ability to perform complex procedures through small incisions. Among the many benefits of robotic surgery compared to traditional gynecologic surgery are a faster recovery and return to normal activities, less pain, less scarring and a shorter hospital stay.

Why Choose Sharp for Robotic Gynecologic Surgery?

  • Physicians at Sharp use the da Vinci® Robotic Surgical System to assist in performing minimally invasive procedures; the da Vinci system is one of the most advanced of its kind
  • Sharp has the most da Vinci-trained affiliated physicians in San Diego
  • Surgeons across specialties are highly-trained and experienced in robotic surgery and committed to optimal outcomes

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Conditions We Treat With Robotic Gynecologic Surgery

Sharp's affiliated physicians use the da Vinci® Surgical System to perform many procedures to treat many women’s gynecologic conditions, including:
  • Abnormal uterine bleeding (menorrhagia)
  • Cervical dysplasia and cancer
  • Endometriosis and associated pelvic pain

Medical Treatment With Robotic Gynecologic Surgery

Using state-of-the-art robotic surgery, Sharp's affiliated physicians perform the following procedures:

Locations of Gynecologic Robotic Surgery Services

We offer less-invasive options to treat a range of gynecologic conditions at three Sharp hospitals in San Diego:

Gynecologic Robotic Surgery Patient Stories

Read robotic gynecologic surgery patient stories.

Less bleeding, scarring, pain and a quicker recovery led Michelle to Sharp for robotic gynecologic surgery. Read patient stories by Michelle and other women now.

Attend a Free Gynecologic Robotic Surgery Seminar

Sharp offers free in-person and physician-led seminars about minimally invasive gynecologic surgery throughout San Diego. Attend a seminar at the hospital where you'd prefer to have your surgery: Sharp Mary Birch Hospital, Sharp Grossmont Hospital and Sharp Chula Vista Hospital. To register, go to gynecologic surgery seminar.

For More Gynecologic Robotic Surgery Information

To learn more, attend a robotic surgery seminar or read a patient story. To learn more about Sharp's robotic surgery services or to find a Sharp-affiliated doctor, search for a San Diego OBGYN or  call 1-800-82-SHARP (1-800-827-4277), Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm. For general information about gynecological cancer, please read Gynecological Cancers in Adult Health.