Ask the Expert: Senior Resource Centers


Andrea Holmberg, program coordinator for Sharp Senior Resource Centers, answers questions about the Senior Resource Centers services and other services for older adults at Sharp.

What services do the Senior Resource Centers offer?
There are senior centers around the county who offer things like a meal program where people can come in for lunch. They may have exercise classes, gardening classes, trips, socialization, various kinds of services like that. And those are distributed throughout the county.

There’s a number of agencies that provide services for people who can’t get out who may have a need for in-home services such as meal programs, where they’ll have home-delivered meals or an in-home service for homemaker where someone will come in and help with the household chores and the transportation.

There are legal services, the minor home repairs, emergency response systems. There’s health information for various classes. Aging and independence services offers nutrition programs, adult protective services, an ombudsman program for those people who are in nursing homes.

There are also directories and handbooks that are available to help guide people and let them know where they might be able to find particular resources in their area.

Where are the Sharp HealthCare Senior Resource Centers?
Sharp HealthCare offers a number of special services for seniors and for their family caregivers. We have the Senior Resource Centers, which are located in La Mesa and in San Diego. We offer free health education classes, free health screenings. We offer flu shots, the Vial of Life, information and referral to health services and also community services that help people stay in the home. The senior resource center offers classes to help family caregivers identify those resources, cope with emotional issues and also learn about the physical aspects of caregiving.

The senior resource centers are open weekdays, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm. You can contact our Grossmont office at 619-740-4214 and contact Sharp Memorial at 858-939-4790.

How are the Senior Health Centers different from the Senior Resource Centers?
The senior health centers, which are located in downtown and in Clairemont in San Diego, also offer primary medical care to seniors ages 65 years and older for those who have Medicare as their primary insurance. We also have physicians and other staff who are very knowledgeable about working with older adults and addressing their issues.

For More Information
To learn more about Sharp's senior health services, to register for a class or to find a Sharp-affiliated physician, search for San Diego doctors or call 1-800-82-SHARP (1-800-827-4277), Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm. To find general information about senior health, read the Senior Health News archive.


About the Expert
Andrea Holmberg is the program coordinator for the Sharp Senior Resource Centers.