Transcript: Vial of Life and Project Care


Welcome to Sharp HealthCare’s "Healthy Aging" podcast. I’m Registered Nurse Lynn Skoczelas and today’s topic is "Vial of Life and Project Care." Our guest is Andrea Holmberg, program coordinator for Sharp Senior Resource Centers.

One of the services that we’re really proud to be associated with is called "Project Care." It’s a service that’s unique to San Diego county and it involves a number of different agencies who work together to try to keep people in their homes and safe.

So in the east county, our office handles Project Care as the lead agency, and one of the services that we provide is we call people once a day to check on them and make sure that they are alright. It’s a free service. It’s open to anyone and different agencies handle different zip codes. If they don’t answer, then we’ll call their neighbor or friend or relative and ask them to please go check on that person, that they are not answering that day. And if they are going to be gone for a little while, on vacation or at the doctor’s office, they just let us know.

The other services involved with Project Care include a visit from one of the senior retired volunteer patrol. They’re trained by the police and Sheriff’s departments to go and do friendly visits and to watch for signs of abuse or neglect so that they are able to help the person stay in the home and get a friendly visit at the same time.

We also have the program called the "Vial of Life" which is a box that you put on the outside of your refrigerator and inside goes your medical information. When the paramedics come in, they know to look on the outside of the refrigerator and they can see your name, your address, who’s your doctor, what medical conditions you may have, and also what medications that you have.

So we give those vials of life to people so that they are able to organize their information and have it in one place so that if in an emergency, they’re not running around trying to find the pill boxes in the bathroom or where the wallet might be. Those "Vial of Life" Cards are also available on our website at so that people can print those out if they’d like to.

For more information on the Vial of Life, Project Care and other aging services at Sharp call 1-800-82-SHARP or visit today.