Vial of Life

What is the Vial of Life?
It's a container that measures about 4 by 6 inches with a magnet on the back. You can place your medical information inside and then attach the Vial of Life to your refrigerator. The Vial of Life provides emergency medical personnel rapid access to potentially lifesaving information about your health.

How does Vial of Life work?
Emergency medical personnel are trained to look for a Vial of Life on your refrigerator. Because time is of the essence in life-threatening emergencies, Vial of Life medical information assures accurate and rapid response in your home, in the ambulance and in the hospital.

How do you use the Vial of Life?
Complete the Vial of Life Form. Use one form for each member of your household. Ask your physician or other medical personnel for help if necessary.

Keep the completed forms on your refrigerator for use by emergency personnel. Extra copies are also useful when kept in your wallet, in your car, and when you visit your physician.

Keep medical information up to date. Review and update your Vial of Life form every two months, and when you change your medications.

How do I obtain a Vial of Life form?

  1. Choose a form to download:
  2. Fill out online
  3. Save and print from your computer

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and download these files.

For More Information
To learn more or to obtain a Vial of Life container, please contact the Senior Resource Center at 619-740-4214.

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