Kidney Transplant Patient Stories

Meet some of Sharp's kidney transplant patients, and read about their life-changing experiences. The Sharp Kidney-Pancreas Transplant Program team is proud to help make stories like these possible.

Lorena Rodriguez (left) and Monique McCray

Lorena Rodriguez, Altruistic Kidney Donor
While working in a medical office that focuses on caring for people with kidney disease, Lorena witnessed the bravery of patients facing  grueling dialysis treatments and long waiting lists for a transplant. That experience prompted her to learn how she could become an altruistic kidney donor. Read Lorena's kidney donation story.

Rita and Oscar Ayub after kidney transplant surgery

Oscar Ayub, Kidney Transplant Survivor
Kidney failure wasn't going to stop Oscar from finally enjoying his retirement years with his wife, Rita. When Rita discovered she wasn't an ideal match to donate a kidney to Oscar, the two decided to participate in the nation's largest donation chain. Read Oscar's kidney transplant story.

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