Social and Psychological Adjustment While Traveling

  Social and Psychological Adjustment While Traveling
Just as physical illness can make a trip unpleasant, mental stress due to unfamiliar surroundings and different cultures can also be difficult. The following tips can help reduce your anxiety while traveling:
  • Remember that cultural differences among individuals can cause anxiety. Understanding this allows you to better cope with situations.
  • Avoid arguments or negative statements. Americans have a reputation for being verbal, direct and assertive, and run a great risk of seeming rude.
  • Respect the cultural feelings of the individuals in whose country you are traveling, particularly with regard to dress and in reference to religion or royalty.
  • Men and women in most countries outside of North America and Europe do not treat women with the equality and informality found in the U.S.
  • Consider taking a lightweight hobby or activity, such as sports equipment, books, knitting or games to keep you occupied in your downtime.
  • Try to understand and enjoy the cultural content of experiences with people in foreign countries. Everything you do has cultural implications.