Volunteering Video: Mimma's Story

Volunteer offers her support after battling cancer for 35 years
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Hi Martin, how you doing? You're looking better.

Mimma: I've been battling cancer for 35 years. Twenty-two surgeries. The one that was really bad was my first breast cancer and that was when they told me I wouldn’t see 60. Next month I'll be 71 and proud of it.

How are you?

Mimma: Not bad for a grumpy old lady.

Dr. Norton: I first met Mimma nine years ago, and she volunteers at the hospital, she volunteers at the Infusion Center. She works with our breast cancer patients.

Mimma: This is a sample of the wigs that I give to the patients. So I put it on the patient's head and it looks like a mess, right? And then I comb it. And when I'm finished combing it, they go, oh my, it doesn't look like a wig, it looks like my own hair.

And I have colors…all kinds of colors. And this is the only place in the South Bay where you can get hats, wigs, and a lot of sympathy, if you need it.

I go see patients and I give them what I call the best medicine. It's called hope, H-O-P-E.

Dr. Norton: To have somebody come in your room, that you don't know with a smile on their face, and say to you, I've been through this, it really means a lot to the patient.

Mimma: Where do I get the strength? I don't know. I'm a little old lady with all kinds of ailments. But I keep on trucking, every day. I love life. Why not smile? If you frown, the world frowns with you. But if you smile, the world smiles with you.