San Diego Weight-Loss Surgery

Sharp's bariatric surgery program encompasses a variety of advanced weight-loss procedures, from gastric bypass and Lap-Band® to vertical sleeve gastrectomy. If you or somebody you love is morbidly overweight — those with a body mass index (BMI) above 35 and who weigh 80 to 100 pounds over their ideal body weight — Sharp HealthCare’s bariatric surgery program in San Diego can help.

Why Choose Sharp's Weight-Loss Surgery Services?

  • Extensive maintenance services, including long-term nutritional and behavioral health support groups and individual diet plans
  • Free bariatric surgery informational seminars are available to learn more
  • Low complication rate
  • Surgeries are almost always minimally invasive
  • Thorough personalized weight-loss goal assessments ensure that bariatric surgery is the best choice for each individual patient

Bariatric Surgery Options

Sharp HealthCare offers the following weight-loss surgery options:

Gastric Bypass Surgery
Gastric bypass, also known as Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, is a procedure that alters the process of digestion. The surgery can be done laparoscopically, which means smaller incisions, faster recovery and less pain.

Lap-Band Surgery
Laparoscopic gastric banding, also known as Lap-Band surgery, is a minimally invasive surgery where the surgeon makes a small incision in the abdomen and places an adjustable ring around the stomach to restrict the amount of food that can be consumed at one time.

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy
In vertical sleeve gastrectomy, the surgeon removes at least 85 percent of the stomach, including a portion responsible for producing ghrelin, a hormone that causes appetite and hunger. This procedure restricts the amount of food that can be eaten. This weight-loss surgery option is currently only offered at Sharp Memorial Hospital.

Locations of Bariatric Surgery Services in San Diego

We offer bariatric surgery options at two Sharp hospitals:

For More Weight-Loss Surgery Information

The first step in undergoing weight-loss surgery at Sharp is to attend one of our free educational seminars. These seminars provide information about the surgery, other treatment options, program requirements, lifestyle changes, risks, potential complications and benefits. To sign up for a free informational seminar, call 1-800-82-SHARP (1-800-827-4277), Monday through Friday, 8 am to 6 pm, or register online.