Couponing Makes Cents

The average family of four spends more than $600 per month on grocery items such as food, soaps, detergents, etc. You can reduce your grocery budget by at least 50% by using coupons.

To achieve maximum savings:

  • Use a coupon with a sale
  • Stockpile by using multiple coupons
  • Organize your coupons in less than five minutes
  • Use free grocery planner at
  • Get enough coupons for your family by purchasing at least one newspaper per family member, including babies and pets

To plan your grocery trip:

  • Visit
  • Select the store (dropdown menu on top left)
  • Click Start (button on top right)
  • Click Shrink
  • Click Print
  • Write notes in margins, amounts, total price, etc.
  • Cut coupons from your storage bin from date specified on list or print from link provided on grocery planner
  • Put coupons and list in shopping pocket