Feng Shui Your Life

Home truly is where the heart is. That's why it's so important that your home is nurturing, supportive, safe and makes you feel like you're getting a great big hug when you walk in the door. No matter what's going on in the world outside, once you step inside you should be completely relaxed and able to connect body, mind and spirit. When you implement changes in your home, you will notice that your life is also transformed instantly, dramatically and permanently.

One of the most important principals of feng shui is clearing clutter. Throwing out junk and getting rid of things like excess paper, empty boxes and broken items can go a long way toward energizing your home for prosperity. This includes your car, purse, garage, computer inbox and desktop.

  • Clean your front door — The front door is where all good energy enters your home. A clean door attracts prosperity while a dirty or faded door repels it.
  • Clean your windows — Windows are the eyes of your home. Dirty windows cloud vision but clean windows represent a clear view of the opportunities. No cracks in the windows: This is our view out into the world.
  • Remove dead plants — Dead plants symbolize dead energy. Replace them with healthy living plants to grow wealth in your life.
  • Replace burned out lightbulbs — If your rooms are dark, so is your financial future. Replace burned out bulbs and brighten your possibilities to attract wealth.
  • Tighten lose doorknobs and handles — If your handles are loose you cannot get a grip on your money. Tighten them and wealth will be within your grasp.

Feng Shui for the Bedroom and Love

  • Always have things in pairs Replace mismatched night tables with a set to encourage equality in your relationship. Have a pair of lights show you want to share your life and home with your loved one.
  • Create a sleep ritual — There are many different types of rituals that will help your body wind down for a harmonious night's sleep. You may want to spend a couple minutes writing your worries down or anything you must remember for the next day so your mind can let go of the anxiety. Other suggestions include drinking herbal tea, meditating, doing gentle yoga, taking a walk, writing in a gratitude journal or taking a warm bath.
  • Decorate your room in the right color Shades of pink help draw love to you easily and create a romantic mood. Red, used sparingly, can be a sexy, bold color that creates passion or helps draw a new lover.
  • No TV or exercise equipment — Any electronic equipment should be placed in the office or other area of the home. A TV in the bedroom is not conducive to romance. The bedroom is for loving not work. A treadmill or workout machine in the bedroom makes your relationship exhausting.
  • Personal photos — Don't display family and child photos in the bedroom. This is said to hinder your sex life. Put them in the living or family room where they belong!
  • Proper bed position — The best position for your bed is against the wall. You'll feel protected and relaxed if you can see the door from your bed. If your bed is under a window, energy moves in and out causing interrupted sleep. Position your bed so that you can see the door. Do not sleep in line with the door or have your head up against a bathroom wall.
  • Remove items from past relationships — You should discard or put away photos and mementos of old flames. Gifts and anything with the ex's energy on it keeps new love at bay.
  • Replace any photos, sculptures or art of single people or figures — Replace them with happy couples. This simple change will help draw a wonderful partner!
  • Rose quartz Buy chunks of rose quartz, rose quartz hearts and rose quartz lamps and place them in your bedroom. This stone is known to draw love into your life, increase self-love and help heal a broken heart.
  • Satin sheets — Think of sensual, soft bedding when selecting pillows, sheets and comforters. Any type of bedding that creates a cozy environment is great for the bedroom.
  • Set the mood — The mood in the bedroom is important, too. Light scented candles and drape your lamps in sheer fabrics or lace. Keep lighting soft. Play romantic music and place "happy" photos of you and your honey on the dresser.
  • The size of your bed matters — If you are single, a single mattress is not a good idea. It doesn't encourage romance. Snoozing on a king size mattress also won't encourage intimacy. There's too much space. Invest in a full size or a queen.
  • What's under your bed affects your sleep — Clear clutter from under your bed.

Your Office Desk Positioning

Set up your desk in your power position:

    • A high-backed black chair indicates power.
    • Always have items around you that allow you to feel comfortable.
    • Avoid placing your desk beside or directly opposite the door, which is the direct path of the energy flow.
    • Avoid situating the desk so that you are facing a wall. The wall acts as a barrier and is confining. If this cannot be avoided, place a mirror so you can see what is going on.
  • Clear sight of the door. What do you see when you look up from your desk?
  • Hang a mountain picture behind your back to give yourself stability and strength.
  • Have a good combination glare screen/radiation filter to prevent headaches and eyestrain, a comfortable chair that doesn't squeak, a comfortable keyboard and arm position and a mouse that fits your hand.
  • If this is not possible, you can restore good feng shui by arranging a mirror that gives you a clear view of the door.
  • Make the room inviting. Welcome in good experiences.
  • See who is entering. Security and protection keeps the area in front of the desk clear.
  • Wall at your back.

Feng Shui Your Life Tips

  • Cleanse and protect your energy daily by visualizing white light all around you or the violet flame.
  • Cleanse the energy in your home with sage, bells, singing and opening the windows and doors.
  • Create a vision board and place somewhere that is private for you and you see daily.
  • Do something loving and nurturing for you: Self-massage, yoga, walk in nature, eat healthy and connect with the people you love.
  • Live generously. Express your gratitude.
  • Write an affirmation in each of the sections of your home; write in present tense and all positive.

Daily Affirmations

I attract loving, beautiful people into my life.
I always deserve love.
As I give love, I am instantly supplied with more.
I radiate love to all persons and places and things.
People are just waiting to love me, and I allow them.

Love radiates from me at all times.

Amanda Collins

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