Take the Power Back: Self-Defense Tips Every Woman Should Know

Survival Mindset

  • Be confident
  • Don't look like a victim
  • Give 100 percent

The Four As of Self-Defense

  • Aware: 90 percent of self-defense is awareness. Be aware of your surroundings and lifestyle. What are your hot spots?
  • Assess: Once you are in a situation ask yourself: Can I escape? Does he have a weapon? Do I need to fight?
  • Act: React quickly. Be loud. Run or fight back. You must give 100 percent.
  • Attitude: Attitude is the decision to do or not to do the other three As. Look confident, always make eye contact and develop a warrior spirit.

Your Primary Target Areas

  • Eyes
  • Groin
  • Knees
  • Throat

Secondary target areas include nose, ears, shins and soft tissue under back of arm.

Potential Weapons

  • Elbow strikes
  • Eye gouges/hand rake
  • Knee strikes
  • Legs and feet
  • Palm strikes
  • Shovel kick to groin

Use combinations — strike more than once and strike more than one area. Be loud!

Practice, Practice, Practice

  • 100 percent of self-defense is mind-set. You must believe you can defend yourself.
  • Planning, practice and energized commitment are the keys to not freezing if you are attacked. Practice teaches you to react without thinking or panicking.
  • Look for self-defense classes so you can brush up on your skills. Self-defense classes will empower you and teach you to react under stress.